still life with red shoes | the pangolin review

Still Life with Red Shoes- Marjorie Collins

still life with red shoes

life of half-emptied bottles of cider, roasted
ham almost untouched, the cold pasta and stuffed
cheese, wind sweeping the corners of the house
still full of you as the rain dripped down the windows
like fingers on a water piano where old tunes play
the times of memory and longing, when you danced
your way through the world in your favorite shoes,
red as the pulpy flesh of watermelons in summer, still
where you last left them, intact and unmoved, soles
rough and grainy like sandpaper, leather dented at the toe
and at the counter, like tired flamenco shoes, insoles
worn out by your weight, so ethereal now, and so lead
heavy, shoes that one finds to hard to lift from the ground
as the walking gets dense and thicker and sadder

Poem originally published in The Pangolín Review. Issue 1. 2018.