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: where the river is : an experiment in poetry publica una secuencia de poemas de mi creación titulada «The Rome Poems». Una de las piezas presentadas se titula «walking in Rome»:

walking in Rome

male cicadas foretell the sun
the distance of rain as we walk
through Rome on the 25th of July:
the history of Empire

i touch the breath of fire         inside
my mouth birds peck at
dormant words                       under my steps

roads lead into alibis for an idea of time
when tutte strada vanno a Roma

lady cicadas, on the other hand, treasure
silence around the marbled stories
of Villa Burghese

Sophie walks beside me painting
the air                longing dreams
the world conforms a canvas            her voice
a ripe fruit that floats
on the Roman landscape

from the hills of Villa Medici the city
spreads like the wings of an eagle of light
constantly diffusing         emerging            somehow
the impending clearance of dependences
melts with the gradation of memories        the precise
clockwork            of stages

with loss          and           life to gain

clouds travel homeless

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