i guan a dream (mating season)

“Get your pictures with my iguanas: 5 dollars. Aproveche!”
-Man on the streets of San Juan carrying two iguanas and a camera

let us crawl, then, you and I
basking in the sunset       you stand by
the sidewalk vendor      fishing fortune
head bobbing on a thought gentle as Autumn
breeze brushing cobblestones       I imagine
your dress falling endless at my sight
cardinal and obscene       I stop time
crushed between your teeth like moths
dead formidable inside a mouth of fire
rumba blasting loud       your Old San Juan
smile distances and makes the palm
trees rattle their leaves to the orange
beating poetry of this I-want-you
that roams like a lost tourist beer
hunting       lips piña-colada-cherry red
and hair spiked as a pineapple crown
pricks the memories        I would like to write
you into human form and make babies
forever       populating the dry deserted city
till human voices wake us

and our tongues flicker

--from Wonderful Wasteland (UPK, Fall 2019)